Together With Dementia
Sitting and Support Service
We tailor our visits so that we can meet the needs of our clients.  We can arrange to meet with you and the person you care for,  to talk to them about their interests. We like to ensure their time spent with us, will be doing something they enjoy.
Here are a few suggestions of activities that we can incorporate into our visits:
* Gardening
*Table Tennis
* Painting/ Arts and Crafts
*Trips to shops/ garden centres
*Accompany to groups/ appointments

And much more ... please talk to us and we will try our best to meet your requirements


Our first Men's group on Monday 11th July was a great success!
Thank you to all who came along to support us!

These  groups are to enable carers an opportunity to have some time for themselves. The person with dementia spends the time with us,  enjoying activities, meeting others, or just joining us for a cup of tea and a chat in a friendly and welcoming environment.

If you are caring for a friend or relative, why not bring them along to our next group ?
We have a good selection of activities to do, from potting plants to magnetic darts, Boules and other games and jigsaws. We try to ensure there is something to interest everyone, so please let us know of any hobbies or interests that you would like us to incorporate into our groups.

Refreshments included and first session is FREE!!

Spaces are limited so it is advisable to contact us to reserve a space.
(carers are also welcome to stay at the first session if they wish, no reservation is needed if carers are wanting to stay)

**Regular groups will be held every month at The Cathedral Centre, Palace Green, Ely**
(please contact us if you would like to reserve a space)

Ely Men's Group Dates 2018

  Monday 13th August 10am-12pm
  Monday 10th September 10am-12pm
Monday 8th October 10am-12pm
Monday 26th November 10am-12pm
Monday 10th December Christmas Party Day !

We look forward to seeing you there